Mr. Brooks


Let me confess right off, so that there's no waiting around for it....

I love books.

Let's take a quick tour...
Naturally there are computer books.

Not a whole lot...mostly for reference.

The particular ones I use scatter themselves to where I need them.
I have a great love for

Math and Physics.

There's such elegance and abstract beauty

and remarkable explanations of the strangeness

of the universe, large and small.
I also studied economics

in earlier graduate school days,

and politics and history...

Additional science and computer books

leak onto other shelves

or just end up clustering together for warmth.
And children's books.

I can often remember the rhythm of the words

from the out loud reading and reading again.

But here are also,

not surprisingly,

books about thinking and books about humor

(it would be great if books about humor were funnier).
Here are the ones that have followed me

to where I sometimes work. 
Enough non-fiction already...

Here is the human condition,

the plays, poetry, novels, the short stories,

the science fiction, the Harry Potter.
And finally...

Miscellany, much miscellany.

Art and plays and humor (really funny),

and big books needing high shelves,

and a stereo camera and music box,

and the standard Emmy award (my wife's).

And, of course, the ones on the kitchen table, constantly being moved off it,

and the ones arriving from bookstores, looking for homes.

My daughters have demanded that the output must equal the input.


Some time.